Quiver: a term commonly used in Surfing to describe the different surfboards a surfer has. The quiver consists of surfboards that have been shaped and designed to ACCOMMODATE VARYING wave conditions. no one surf location, wave, or set of conditions are similar, and the surfer’s “quiver" is what provides them with the best tool for the conditions provided.

Quiver sustainability and consulting services provides adaptive tools for your environmental and SUSTAINABILITY needs. Sustainability Starts with awareness and we are here to help. The "quiver" approach uses a set of INTERDISCIPLINARY tools to take a critical look towards SUSTAINABILITY and how you can strive to ACHIEVE a more SUSTAINABLE business model.


Quiver’s team is versed in a multi-disciplinary background in sustainability and environmental studies. Our mission is to apply a diverse set of knowledge and best practices to help your business become more sustainable. Quiver relies on a holistic understanding of sustainability moving past the often green-washed term. We incorporate components of environmental integrity, social and cultural responsibility, and economic prosperity for current and future generations. Quiver specializes in small operations in the areas of:

  • Sustainable Tourism

  • Sustainable Business Operations

  • Environmental Management Plans

  • Sustainable Event Planning

  • Environmental Education and Outreach


NOw Available

Flexi-Hex Surfboard Sleeves. Protecting surfboards with a sustainability in mind. Reduce the amount of plastic / foam with this innovative surfboard sleeve.


Green Washing

Unpacking the use and understanding of ‘sustainable’ moves past a purely environmental focus. Sustainable initiatives are ones which equally consider the social, cultural, environmental and economic impacts of current and future generations. The term sustainable has been heavily green-washed, often being used purely as a marketing tool. In a time where environmentalism and sustainable thinking is crucial to understand, it is important to be able to identify appropriate use of terms like sustainability.



Flexi-Hex protects your surfboard and minimized the use of plastic and foam. Whether you are shipping a board or wanting extra protection around your board traveling, you can eliminate the need of all that bubble wrap and/or extra foam. This re-usable surfboard sleeve is ultra-durable, re-usable, and eco-minded to keep your environmental footprint smaller.

Greening Events

‘Greening’ an event can be easier than it sounds. It starts with awareness and mindfulness of the possible impacts and coming up with mitigation strategies to address these. Go plastic free, set up proper waste management sites, and try getting volunteers and attendees involved in larger scale clean ups. Instead of leaving no trace behind, leave a positive trace behind.